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Bethany Dearden of Whistle & Ivy

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At Crochetrendy, we love to introduce you to the most modern, trendy designers out there. Take a few moments to learn what inspires them to create the patterns you love, and you might discover some great new patterns, too!

Name: Bethany Dearden
Blog: Whistle & Ivy

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Today’s trendsetter, Bethany Dearden, carved a place for herself in the world of crochet when she published a pair of baby sandals that went viral (and probably showed up on your newsfeed about a hundred times). I remember when they were released, because no less than a dozen of my non-crocheting friends shared the adorable photo on my timeline. Today, Bethany shares with us what inspires her to make cute patterns for kids and adults.

Crochetrendy: Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what got you started in the world of crochet.
Bethany: When I was growing up, 4-H was something my sisters and I participated in. I took several classes, and one of them was crochet. I didn’t learn anything too crazy, but I did enter my peach-colored granny-square babygan in the fair and won a blue ribbon! I didn’t take it up again until I was pregnant with my first child, almost 2 decades later. With nesting in full swing, I sat down and made him a hat. It was shabby and tight, with uneven stitches. I was let down when I couldn’t get it on his head at the hospital. I was determined to practice and do better. Even though there was a wealth of free patterns online, I found myself with ideas of my own and began designing them. My first several patterns were rather rough, and I am so grateful for my readers who stuck with me!

Crochetrendy: To you, what makes a crochet pattern modern or trendy? What types of things do you keep in mind when designing something for a newer generation of crocheters?
Bethany: I do lots of baby stuff and lots of shoes, but I also love doing designing things for adult as well. There are some tried and true crochet items out there, but it is fun to get away from the norm and create something unique and beautiful. Trendy and fun colors are definitely the best place to start. Beautiful color work can change a drab seen-a-million-times item into a trendy and unique piece.

Crochetrendy: What 3 words best describe your designs?
Bethany: Simple, Fresh, Style

Crochetrendy: If you had to choose one of your original patterns to best define you as a designer, which one would you choose, and why?
Crochetrendy Trendsetters: Bethany Dearden of Whistle & IvyBethany: These baby flip flops were my first big pattern. I think I love making baby stuff because everyone has a baby close to them, or loves someone who is having (or has) a baby. Even though babies only wear them for a few weeks, it holds meaning and nostalgia. You can’t believe they were ever that little! And those who are close to a baby know that dressing up an infant is as fun (or more) as dressing yourself. I am branching out to more adult sized-stuff, which is very fun to design and make, but the baby items will always have a special place on my blog and in my heart.

Crochetrendy: Do you have any advice for someone who’s just starting out learning to crochet?
Bethany: Practice, practice, practice! Crochet is not difficult, but it does take practice. Nearly anyone can take a lesson and learn the basics in one day, but it’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t turn out the correct size or have nice, uniform stitches. Anyone can master crochet, it just takes practice, and each crocheter needs to allow themselves some time to get the hang of it.

Thanks, Bethany! If you would like to learn more about Bethany’s design style, check out her page on Crochetrendy. We’ll leave you with 3 of our favorite patterns from Bethany:

Chunky Fringe Infinity Scarf
Little Dot Mary Janes
Women’s Boat Slippers

Crochetrendy Trendsetters: Bethany Dearden of Whistle & Ivy

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  • Judy Belbin September 17, 2015, 1:00 pm

    I have crocheted and knit all my life… But 7 months ago had surgery on my hand which didn’t go well and since then have been going for physiotherapy. I was so excited to see this site and am excited to pick up my crochet and knitting needles again. Thank you so much for inspiring me!!! I love this site!!!,

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