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Delia Randall of Delia Creates

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At Crochetrendy, we love to introduce you to the most modern, trendy designers out there. Take a few moments to learn what inspires them to create the patterns you love, and you might discover some great new patterns, too!

Name: Delia Randall
Blog: Delia Creates

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Crochetrendy: Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what got you started in the world of crochet.
Delia: I learned how to crochet as a child, at the feet of my maternal grandmother. She would crochet amazing lace work, and large afghans. It took me about four years to finish my first scarf (ha!) then I sort of gave up on the craft until the birth of my second child. That’s when I caught the crochet bug which has now turned into a passion.

Crochetrendy: To you, what makes a crochet pattern modern or trendy? What types of things do you keep in mind when designing something for a newer generation of crocheters?
Delia: I think what makes a crochet pattern modern or trendy is restraint, color choice, and simple silhouettes. Traditional crochet leans toward more detail is more, and more colors are more. I believe modern crochet is less about lots of details and more about practical function and a simple aesthetic. That’s not to say that modern crochet is devoid of detail. I feel that modern crocheters simply lean toward more artistically restrained designs. I love creating simple, functional patterns because not only do they appeal to a broader skill set of crocheters, but I also love to highlight the beautiful textures that can be achieved with just the basic stitches and various yarn choices.

Crochetrendy: What 3 words best describe your designs?
Delia: Simple, practical, beautiful.

crocheted-leather-snap-scarf-56-of-680126Crochetrendy: If you had to choose one of your original patterns to best define you as a designer, which one would you choose, and why?
I would choose my Leather Snap Scarf. I like to mix mediums and add texture with simple stitches.

Crochetrendy: Do you have any advice for someone who’s just starting out learning to crochet?
Delia: I would say to start with a small, simple project that you’ll know you’ll actually use. Also, find a TV show to Netflix binge while you work on it. A small and simple project allows you to complete it in a reasonable amount of time, so that you don’t give up. It is also much less daunting to pull out stitches if you make a mistake. The TV show or movie keeps your mind off how hard the learning curve is. Once you get a successful project under your belt, you’ll feel much more motivated to keep crocheting. As you do, you’ll crochet quicker, and quicker and that’s when it gets really fun and addicting. If you are looking for something that is the most beginner of beginner projects, these two chains only projects are a great place to start:

Scarf of a Thousand Chains Tutorial  |  Easy Chained Bow Tutorial

Thanks, Delia! If you would like to learn more about Delia’s design style, check out her page on Crochetrendy. We’ll leave you with 3 of our favorite patterns from Delia:

Crocheted Floor Cushions
Double Crochet Infinity Scarf
Sturdy Market Tote

Crochetrendy Trendsetters: Delia Randall of Delia Creates

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