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Krista Cagle of Rescued Paw Designs

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At Crochetrendy, we love to introduce you to the most modern, trendy designers out there. Take a few moments to learn what inspires them to create the patterns you love, and you might discover some great new patterns, too!

Name: Krista Cagle
Blog: Rescued Paw Designs

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Today’s trendsetter, Krista Cagle of Rescued Paw Designs, shares with us what she loves about modern, trendy crochet.

Crochetrendy: Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what got you started in the world of crochet.
Krista: I am a mom and wife but also work full time as a crochet designer / blogger in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Rescued Paw Designs is my creative outlet and place to share my passion for handmade. I remember just a few years ago picking up a crochet hook and wondering, what do I do with this? I had some left over yarn that my sister gave me, a few patterns I found online and determination. I was going to teach myself to crochet. And so the obsession began..

Crochetrendy: To you, what makes a crochet pattern modern or trendy? What types of things do you keep in mind when designing something for a newer generation of crocheters?
Krista: Modern crochet to me means neutral & simple which happen to be the two things I constantly aim for the most when I create. It makes me excited designing pieces for crocheters like blankets that are able to fit in with any decor or hats that can look good with any outfit.

Crochetrendy: What 3 words best describe your designs?
Krista: Easy, Fun and Trendy (most of the time)

Crochetrendy: If you had to choose one of your original patterns to best define you as a designer, which one would you choose, and why?
Krista: My chained ear warmer pattern defines me the best as a designer because it is simple and fun to make.

Crochetrendy: Do you have any advice for someone who’s just starting out learning to crochet?
Krista: Don’t give up. Your first try at crocheting probably won’t be mistake free but it gets easier and easier. My first finished project was crooked, had skipped stitches and looked downright scary.

Thanks, Krista! If you would like to learn more about Krista’s design style, check out her page on Crochetrendy. We’ll leave you with 3 of our favorite patterns from Krista:

Rippling Trellis Blanket
Criss Cross Puff Scarf
Market Tote Bag

Crochetrendy Trendsetters: Krista Cagle of Rescued Paw Designs


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